Hello friends, thanks for visiting our blog VogueSure. We know that you are here for some awesome nail art for your kids so here we are providing you some cool kids nail art.
Nail art is always been fun for kids and adults both, everyone enjoys in painting their nails so we are giving here some cool easy nail arts design so that your kids will love that. you can also try these kids nail arts for some event or themed party and you would be call as a coolest mom in that party by applying same nail art on your nails like matching matching mumma and baby.

Let’s go back to your childhood this time. Of course you can do. today here we’ll act as a child and do some stupid things. It’s like let’s go to our bachpan today and refresh our shararti yade with colouring your nails with some kids nail art so that you can get awesome nail arts for your kid time.

KIDS NAIL ART DESIGNS | Nail Art for Kids:

Here we are presenting some cool awesome nail art for kids or girls of all age, try these and also tell us your feedback. 🙂


Butterfly Kids Nail Art: 

Its time to fly like a butterfly now. So get your colorful nail paints and draw this simple butterfly with your nail paint brush and dotted tools. Give final touch with glitters and then get your butterflies on your nails. 🙂

Clouds and Rainbow Nail Art for Kids:

Everyone loves rain, clouds, rainbow, deep blue sky and all so here we are showing a very sweet nail art which is like rainbow and clouds on your nails. For this cool nail art you need nail polish of color blue, white, some yellow, red, deep blue, green and purple for the rainbows. If you’ll use or add some glitter on it then you can get extra sparkling effect on it.
Now after rainbow draw some clouds of white color and also make some cloud faces and then give it final touch with proper layer of top coat.

Cute Panda Kids Nail Arts:

Hahahahahahaha, it’s amazing to see cute little panda on your nails. Panda nail art is really very simple and attractive. you just need 2 colors, white and black for this nail art. Very first just make a white base and then with black dots create your panda. 🙂

Sweet Penguin Nails Art for Kids: 

After panda, let’s get the sweet and cute penguin on your nails. Just follow simple steps given in the picture and get this cute penguin on your nails. you can also use combination of panda and penguin on alternative nail or create your own combinations. Toothpick could also be helpful to draw this design.

Polka Dots Nail Art for Kids:

Polka dotes nail art for kids is very simple and colorful nail art. In this nail art you need only two different colors, one for dots and another one for background like White color for polka dots and red or black color for background. You can switch or change color combination according to your choice. On tip you can also use colorful strips with some glitter.

Cutie Kitty Kids Nail Art:

Cutie Kitty nail art is very easy and beautiful nail art. To draw cutie kitty nail art you just need to make a white or any other light shade background and then draw some dots for eyes, one yellow or red dot for nose, some lines for whiskers. You also can draw a deco bow for cutie kitty’s bow.


Splatter Nail Art for Kids:

When we draw polka dots in different colors, shades, shapes and size then these polka dots are called splatter nail art. In this nail art you just need different types of nail paint color and same size or different size and shape of dotted tool or you can also use toothpick to draw these colorful dots on your nails.
It’s your choice either you can draw same even size and shaped dots or you can draw uneven size and shaped dots. Both looks awesome. 🙂


Juicy Watermelon Nail Art for Kids:

Lets draw some juicy watermelon on your nails in this summer season. Watermelon nail art is really very easy nail art, in this nail art just draw a pink or red base background of your choice and then draw some dots with the help of toothpick or nail art brush and stripper for white demarcation. On the tips just make a strip of moss green or dark green color. 🙂


If there is some issue in your home with these cool nail art then here we are giving you some tricks so that you can draw your nail art without any issue and you’ll also get adorable nail art like older girls.


Kid’s Nail Art Hacks


  • If you don’t have much time for nail art then you can use little nail art stickers.
  • You can also use permanent markers, and yes they are easy and safe too.
  • You can also use polka dots, that super cool and easy nail art.
  • Let’s do a art project on your nails, just color it with water colors and yes it is easy and interesting.
  • You can also paint skittle nail art which is quite same as polka dots but it is colorful dots and it looks super cool.
  • What about trying rhinestones? this is supper cool nail art which is so easy to draw but don’t forget to cover it with top coat.
  • Strips of different colors nail polish is also a cool idea. Just draw some strips on your nail with different colors.

Hope you liked our collection of nail art for kids | Kids Nail Art. for more stay connected with our fan page. Feel free to contect us. Team Voguesure. 🙂