Palm prediction and analysis of Earth hand by Peeyush:

Hello friends, warm welcom in my blog where today i am here going to describe you analysis and prediction for this hand. Palm prediction and analysis of Earth hand by Peeyush. As you can see you will find:

  • Short fingers then the palm.
  • Shorter Jupiter finger than the Sun or Apolo finger.
  • High rised Venus mount.
  • High rised Moon mount.
  • High rised Mars mount.
  • Quite similer Simian line.
  • Earth hand.
  • Other major lines
  • and much more.

So this prediction or analysis based only on above points, so lets start its prediction Palm prediction and analysis of Earth hand by Peeyush. So that it could help us to understand this type of palm.

  1. You are an artist, good planner bit selfish and can take your decision.
  2. You are not able to control your self-emotions.
  3. You smile now but will be upset the next minute.
  4. You could be a person full of self-pity.
  5. You always display energy, you are sensual and bit greedy too.
  6. You love ancient things.
  7. You are a girl of balance steady & mind, sweet tongue, love of justice, knowledgeable.
  8. You could be aggressive.
  9. Very much sexual desire but not that much of satisfaction.
  10. Like to travel
  11. Careless in life.
  12. Are you also in depression?
  13. You are willing to sacrifice yourself to protect others.
  14. You are resigned to the situation and can accept others,
  15. Belonging to the wise rather than the smarty.
  16. You are easy-going yet a little dull and have many valuable opinions but never declare randomly.
  17. Since you don’t like to claim credit, your contributions are often ignored.
  18. Once you leave the original post, your important role will be realized.
  19. With a strong sense of self-protection, you make it hard for others to approach your inner world.
  20. You never give up easily for the things you hold on, thus a little stubborn.
  21. in general, you have a crush on someone easily but often fail.
  22. Your advantages and inner beauty are often discovered after a long time in a relationship.
  23. You are the person who work silently, hold on straight to the end, make your own plan and never show off but make extraordinary achievements with the accumulation of experience.
  24. You prefer to do your own work well to manage others.
  25. Although you lack multi-functional development,
  26. You can always devote to your professional field with great efforts and hold on when others give up.
  27. With the accumulation of experience, you create the irreplaceable value.
  28. Influence of glamour of outer world.
  29. Love of show off.
  30. You prefer success and public appearance.
  31. You very enthusiastic.
  32. Self-confident.
  33. Very artistic taste.
  34. You always have unique insights on career and independent plans in work.
  35. You tend to implement the plan step by step
  36. You are unlikely affected by external interference.
  37. You have a strong sense of aesthetics and romantic feelings in love.
  38. Lack of morality does not care public opinion.
  39. You are usually very jealous.
  40. You are always not convinced by the one stronger than you, so you are determined to surpass the opponent.
  41. Sometimes, you suffer from hardships in work.
  42. You are very approachable in love.
  43. The habit of backbiting.
  44. You tend to be straightforward.
  45. You are honest.
  46. Don’t like to fool around in work.
  47. You have stable wealth.
  48. You fall in love deeply.
  49. You are not good at language expression but very thoughtful for your loved ones.
  50. You can change your view.
  51. Lead with others thoughts.
  52. The desire to rule.
  53. Love ancient and antic things.
  54. Love to wear good and clean clothes as well as you also like neat and clean clothes.
  55. Lack of confidence. But believe in yourself, you are really an amazing girl.
  56. You have a very clear mind.
  57. You are responsive.
  58. Good at thinking planning and often more considerate than others.
  59. You are often easy to think too much and so that you get into a blind alley.
  60. You have a strong analytic ability.
  61. Practical and dedicated.
  62. You were usually a born ideologist and could perform well in mathematics, commerce, science and technology fields.
  63. You could be a good writer or love to read books.
  64. You can also get govt job or higher officer rank of the job.
  65. There should not be any major health issue in your life.

For better luck, you can wear ruby in gold or copper in your ring finger.

So guys how do you like this prediction, must write in comment box about Palm prediction and analysis of Earth hand by Peeyush. If you have any doubt on any point then feel free to discuss. Thank you.