Importance and effects of Fingers in Palmistry by Peeyush :

Fingers play very important role in our Vedic Astrology or Palmistry. With the help of Fingers we can analysis many things about the person. In palmistry we consider shape of finger, length of finger, origin of finger, lines on finger, phalange of fingers and much more. Here we are going to provide you detailed information related to fingers and their effects.   

Jupiter or Index finger:

Long Jupiter finger:

  • Good character.
  • Balance study & mind.
  • Sweet tongue.
  • Love of justice.
  • Knowledgeable
  • Prestige and desire for leadership.
  • Power and enterprise.
  • Aggressive and ambitious
  • It is easier for you to be in authority.
  • You have higher life goal and stronger desire for power.
  • You are enterprising and good at showing off in social communications, so you always have good interpersonal relationship and are fond of controlling others.

Very long:

  • Desire to achieve power.
  • You will adopt authority work.
  • You are always indomitable.
  • You are tough.
  • Pushing and ostentatious.
  • You tend to earn more and also spend too much it is difficult for you to save money
  • You need to control your squander, desire and consumption habit
  • You have strong management ability and are willing to spend money for the one you love.

Longer then Saturn:

  • Dictatorship.

Short Jupiter finger:

  • You will suffer with inferiority complex.
  • Run away from problems.
  • Lack of morality does not care public opinion.
  • You are usually very jealous.
  • You are always not convinced by the one stronger than you, so you are determined to surpass the opponent.
  • Sometimes, you suffer from hardships in work.
  • You are very approachable in love.

Crooked: crooked & long Jupiter loves self-admiration   Curved Jupiter finger with bad mount on mercury indicate the person will be dishonest. Short and curved Jupiter finger indicates low moral character.  

Saturn or Middle Finger:

Saturn or middle finger is a sign of a person’s destiny, it define many things about the personality. Good Saturn finger:

  • It is better if it is rounder, straighter and longer.
  • It suggests the good destiny and the favourable result in career, wealth and marriage.

Long Saturn finger:

  • Pessimistic nature.
  • You do not mix up with people,
  • solitude
  • Nature lover.
  • Animal lover.
  • You will have a prosperous business and wealth and healthy body in middle age.

Short Saturn finger:

  • You must be aware from animal.
  • You are impatient in work and always cannot insist on once you see no hope from the work, so you often changes.
  • You usually have stable fortune.
  • You tend to be trapped in love and care about any signs of trouble because you are deep in love.

If leans to the:

  • Jupiter finger and short Saturn finger, oblique:
  • You are persistent in work.
  • Sun finger:
  • You are obsessed in family.

If the Saturn finger is unevenly thick:

  • You are impatient and impulsive.
  • You need to get your emotions under good control, otherwise it’s easy for you to do things which are too late to regret.

When this finger lean to Jupiter then it shows wise in nature.

Sun / Apollo or Ring finger:

The sun finger stands for lover and family ties. If the sun finger leans to the:

  • Saturn finger, it indicates that the person is very responsible to the family and pays a lot to the family.
  • Mercury finger, it suggests that the person pays a lot to the children.

Long sun finger:

  • Influence of glamour of outer world.
  • Love of show.
  • Enthusiastic.

Very long:

  • You prefer success and public appearance.
  • You very enthusiastic.
  • Self-confident.
  • Very artistic taste.
  • You always have unique insights on career and independent plans in work.
  • You tend to implement the plan step by step
  • You are unlikely affected by external interference.
  • You have a strong sense of aesthetics and romantic feelings in love.

Very very long:

  • You loves to speculation.
  • You takes risk of your money and life.
  • Love for gambling.
  • You are always excited on hearing mahjong, horse racing and card playing.
  • With a relatively keen feeling on winning and losing, you prefer the highly speculative financing methods.
  • You are very happy to participate in the investment business like stock and real estate although you may not feel totally confident.
  • Under the extreme situations, you will randomly lose the whole property and break the bank.

If it is longer than Saturn finger then

  • You are a tricky gambler.

Short sun finger:

  • You are always individualized.
  • You mostly prefer to be steady and down-to-earth rather than reaching for what is beyond their grasp, or risk-taking and speculating.
  • In love, you tend to consider more about the real life, so your love is generally stable.
  • Your wealth will not change radically.

Bad sun finger indicates bad relation with family or parents.

Mercury or little finger:

Stands for wisdom, eloquence and art, and it is often called the second thumb by physiognomists. Also stands for children and younger generation.   Good Mercury finger:

  • Good communication skills.
  • You mix up very easily.
  • Strong nervous system.
  • Great analyzing power.

Long Mercury finger:

  • It shows excessive of above qualities.
  • You have very excellent work ability.
  • Social contact skills.
  • Strong observation.
  • Excellent eloquence.
  • Aggressive career.
  • Strong acquisitiveness in love.
  • Smooth fortune.
  • Healthy body in old age.

Slight bent towards the sun finger:

  • Good politician.
  • PRO
  • Good businessman.

Too much bent:

  • Fraud
  • Cheat

To confirm these quality:

  • Grid on mercury mount.
  • Sharp mind line.
  • Poor heart line.
  • The gap between the heart line and mind line would be narrow.

Short mercury finger:

  • Lack of confidence.
  • Habit of back biting.
  • You tend to be straightforward.
  • You are honest.
  • Don’t like to fool around in work.
  • You have stable wealth.
  • You fall in love deeply.
  • You are not good at language expression but very thoughtful for your loved ones.

Too Short and bent:

  • Weak children.
  • You have to worry about the children instead of being proud of them.
  • You are unlikely to make achievements in fortune or finance.

If Jupiter finger is also short:

  • You are not owner of your words.
  • Even stake your reputation.

Finger is higher set top phalange is long:

  • You are very good in putting your view.
  • Get strict with your view.

Lower set:

  • You can change your view.
  • Lead with others thoughts.



Thick and solid thumbs:

  • A person with may benefit from his/her parents.
  • You always have a very practical money concept.
  • You will hesitate in spending money on the things which overemphasizing sensual pleasures, like such as expensive food and luxurious clothes, which are not practical or suitable in your beliefs or in your eyes.
  • You have very simple demands for life.
  • You are quite practical and promise-keeping rather than scheming.

Flat, thin, uneven and flexible thumbs:

  • Opposite personality from above.
  • You do not like the methodical rather than quick and convenient life.
  • You are impatient and often seek for enjoyment.

Longer thumbs:

  • Relatively smooth fortune.
  • Fast progress.
  • Academic excellence.
  • Strong body in youth with more love and care from the eldership.
  • More confident in career.
  • More initiative in love.
  • Always desire for high-quality love and life.

Shorter thumbs:

  • Need to rely on your own efforts in youth.
  • You are practical and down-to-earth in career.
  • You often build up from nothing instead of showing off your wealth.

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