Hello and welcome to our blog VogueSure Readings, today we are going to discuss about the Importance of Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing here so that we’ll get to understand how our chakras are important in self healing.
So very first it is important to understand what is chakra and what is meditation, as without knowing the actual meaning of these words, it would be quite difficult to understand Importance of Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing, so lets start:

What are Chakras?

Chakras are the part of our body which is not discovered yet by science but it has described in Vedas and Ancient Indian Vaidic culture. Generally we have 7 major chakras in our body which control our body physically and emotionally even chakras are also connected to our relations and finances. so to understand Importance of Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing lets know about all the chakras.
We have 7 Major Chakras in our body:            

Chakra Name Location Colour Sound
Crown Chakra/ Sahastra ChakraTop of your head  
Ajna chakra or Third eye chakra Between the eye brows Indigo Om/Aum
Vishudhi or Throat ChakraNeck BlueHam
Anahata or Heart Chakra Centre of chest Green Yam 
Manipura Chakra or Solar plexus NavelYellow Ram
Swadhisthan Chakra or Sacral Chakra Sacral bone Orange Vam
Muldhara chakra or Root chakra Between anus and genital area Red       Lam

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is just a process to make our mind and body thoughtless by our inner self, many people have different definition for meditation but according to me, Meditation is a process to achieve whatever you want. meditation is beyond limitation, it provides relaxation, good sleep, sharp mind, concentration, focus. Meditation connect us with the higher state of energy, it makes our aura stronger and bigger. Meditation work to improve our mind, body and soul. Here we are studying about
Importance of Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing. So Chakra meditation is the mediation in which we work on our Chakras to heal our body.

Importance of Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing:

We all have an amazing ability to heal our body, mind and soul. For healing our body-mind-soul we have many techniques but here we are going to study how we use of Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing. 
We all have 7 major chakras in our body but due to many reason our chakras don’t work properly and we get blockages in our chakras, so that due to disturbed chakras we all faces many issues in our life like health issues, relationship issues, financial issues and many other things.
So by aligning and balancing our chakras and clearing the blockages of our chakras we can heal our-self. This is the Importance of Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing.

How to use Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing

There are many ways to do chakra meditation but here we are sharing two major ways to do chakra meditation.

1. Sound energy chakra meditation:

In this meditation we sit in lotus position and then chant Chakra’s energy sound in a sequence which is, we start from root chakra- lam and ends on crown chakra- aah.
We should always chant every chakra’s sound equally in number and we should chant in the group of 3 or 7 or 9 or 21 or 108 each chakra.

2. Guided visualisation of chakras:

In this meditation we follow instructions and visualise our chakras, while following the instructions we sit calmly and go in meditative state then we follow guided instructions and visualise our chakras, through visualising our chakras we balance and align our chakra and remove blockages from our chakras.

So Chakra Meditation is very important in self healing, and here we share about the Importance of Chakra Meditation in Self-Healing.
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